Behold my eleventh hour contribution to WordPress 2.5!

Axis of evil timezones

Behold my eleventh hour contribution to WordPress 2.5! With which I bend time using sheer willpower and win the love of the people.

To the people of the mountainous nation of Nepal, I salute you! I will not let your blogging be incorrectly time-stamped by fifteen minutes. As much as the hounds of assimilation (in the form of half-hour incremented time-zones) may bark at your personal publishing door!

To the great blogging warriors of Kiribati, whose expansive nation sweeps across the ocean. Your wish to keep your fellow citizens crossing the same day off your calendars at the same time by breaking the international date line standard will be honoured in WordPress 2.5!

To the Tongans your theoretically impossible +13:00 timezone is safe and sound.

To the coastal dwellers of south-east Western Australia, what on earth were you thinking?

And finally, to the residents of the Chatham Islands, both of your unusual timezone offsets will be supported! Yes, that’s one timezone for every 300 people on your fair isles.

To one and all in these proud nations, I remain your humble non-standard timezone champion.

  1. Dad said:

    Good one

  2. mary bau said:

    Hi Sam,
    Your grand and poetic salutations are wasted if the above are the general level of replies!
    I wish you better but would not bet on it. Its likely to take a long time to conceptualise “timezones offsets being safe”. As “unlettered” as you might be, your lettering is very interesting to play around with!

  3. mary bau said:

    The term “mental illness” implies a classification. Is the intention of The “unlettered” one to drive his readers unspecifically and randomnly crazy?

  4. Hilarious… in addition to being useful.

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