WordCamp, WordCamp, WordCamp

WordPress Logo in United Kingdom Coat of Arms

WordCamp UK 2008

WordCamp UK is on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of July, 2008 and the organisers have made it “over the hump” after some indecision about the venue. They have ended up with a very appropriate venue in Birmingham, enough generous sponsors to secure the event financially and a decent programme too.

You can buy tickets online now.

I’ll be there presenting two topics:

Not sure I’ll need a full hour for either, maybe I can give everyone early marks when I’m done.

I’ll also be on a discussion panel. Attendees should be well sick of me by the end of the conference.

WordPress Logo in United States Great Seal

WordCamp San Francisco 2008

WordCamp San Francisco is on Saturday the 16th of August, 2008. [Update: It’s only one day but contains two tracks]

This is the original WordCamp on it’s third time around, but it will be my first. Should be a hoot. I’ll possibly be presenting one or both of the topics I’m preparing for WordCamp UK.

It’s looking like it will be pretty popular again this year if Upcoming is any indication.

WordPress Logo in United States Coat of Arms

WordCamp Australia 2008

The first WordCamp Australia has just had it’s dates announced. It will be held on Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of December, 2008, somewhere in Sydney.

It’s early days yet, but you can register your interest on Upcoming now.

If you are flying in from out of town it is a good idea to book flights sooner rather than later.

  1. Sam – look forward to meeting you at WordCamp UK!

    V. impressive logos/crests….

  2. Sam – really looking forward to your contribution to the presentations at WordCamp UK, as I’m sure a-lot of people are!

    Just to let you and your readers know – they can drop by the WordCampUK Blog to keep up-to-date with whats happening with the event!

  3. Love the Coats of Armses, if I’d seen them before the Camp I’d have been pushing for them as the logo! Did you do them yourself?

  4. @Simon

    I hacked them together based on the SVG files that are on WikiPedia.

  5. Dan said:

    Hi Sam,
    Did you post the presentation files from the Subversion Wordcamp presentation online? I’ve been getting up to speed with Subversion lately, and would love to see it again now I know what I’m doing!

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