WordCamp Presentations

Photo of my WordCamp 2008 presentation by Sheila Ellen

I’ve just finished my hastily re-factored presentation for WordCamp San Francisco and I promised a few people afterwards that I would make it available online in some form.

The presentation was titled “Hassle-free upgrades for WordPress”. I kind of shoe-horned in a large chunk of my presentation from WordCamp UK on Upgrading WordPress using Subversion into the end. I’ve removed that last part of the presentation in the file here and uploaded the more detailed presentation from WordCamp UK as well.

That’s about as clear as mud…

Here are the presentations converted to PDF.

Hassle-free upgrades for WordPress

Managing a WordPress 2.6 installation with Subversion

Thanks to Sheila Ellen for the photo and for taking it during one of my prettier slides.

  1. Alderete said:

    I found the presentation to be quite worthwhile, one of the top 5 of the conference, at least for me. I really like being able to separate the WordPress distribution files from my own plug-ins, themes, images, and other non-WordPress content, as it makes upgrading much less painful in hosting situations where you can’t use Subversion.

    Have you done further work on this topic? I’ve converted one of my sites to use your system, and there are some gotchas to converting an existing site (vs. creating a new one as you do in your PPT). I hope to write up my experiences after converting a couple more.

    An even bigger gotcha is plug-in compatibility. Many complex plug-ins build URLs that stop working when WordPress is re-arranged. I think it would be terrific if there was a short Guide to WordPress Plug-In Developers that recommended best practices for how to create various URLs, that don’t break when the wp-content directory is extracted from the WordPress main directory. (Writing this will require someone who’s very familiar with the various WordPress functions and plug-in API, as it gets complicated quickly, unless you’re willing to sacrifice backwards compatibility…)

  2. Jayshree said:

    Hi ..
    I badly need to upgrade my wordpress… i havent upgraded since I installed it 2 years back.
    But, I am not that tech person…
    Do you know if someone in San Francisco can teach me a little about these upgrading WP matters..

    Thanks a lot,

  3. Kenny said:


    I noticed the new update on the bbPress blog


    But it doesn’t mention release plans (e.g. potential release date of 1.0, how many more releases will occur between now and 1.0, what features are left to implement, etc…)

    If you don’t mind, will you outline that at the bbPress blog.


  4. Thanks Sam! The PDF guide was very helpful. Now I just need to get Super Cache to work with it @_@!

  5. @ Jayshree http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress has all the steps for upgrading.

    You need to find someone who can use FTP – then it should be 5-10 m ins depending on how fast your internet connection is.

    Once you get to version 2.7 there is automatic updating of the core system

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