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Wow, it’s been a while. If I’ve been tucked away in your RSS reader it may be a bit of a shock to see me pop up again. Hi!

I had been working for myself since leaving Automattic but recently started working at a Sydney web development company called Red Ant. I feel quite lucky to have landed in yet a another company full of interesting people and work. I like to think that at some point I’ll put up a post here showing off some of the stuff I’ve been working on since bbPress.

I’ve just posted an article over at the Red Ant blog about configuring Nginx to redirect SSL in a way that doesn’t suck an elegant way using maps. Worth reading if you are interested in web server configuration.

I’ll probably be posting a bit more there, so rather than cross-post to here I just suggest that anyone that’s interested may want to follow the Red Ant blog… because you are all really interested right? Right? Hello… is this thing on?


After many years of thinking I should, and not getting round to it, I now have to start a blog. My hand has been forced by my new employer, but I’m hardly complaining.

That’s a long-winded way to announce that I have joined the team at Automattic as a developer. This will be surprising to most in the WordPress community, who would barely know who I am, but not so surprising to the stalwarts of the bbPress community, where I have been contributing for a little while now.

I’ll be focusing most of my efforts on bbPress in the short term and I look forward to getting it’s releases back on track. You’ll find me in the #bbpress room on Freenode IRC most of the time, so I encourage members of the bbPress community to ping me there for instant gratification (or disappointment depending on circumstances).

My previous work was for the Omnium Open Project, a collaboration software based at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I’m thankful for the opportunities that came from working there and I wish them all the best.